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Determining the Size of Your Tank

Common Sizes for ready-made aquariums range from 5 gallon to 50 gallon. There are some smaller, novel fish bowls available on the market too, like the popular gumball machine fishbowl with plastic bubblegum inside. But remember, fish tanks are easier to maintain than fish bowls. For offices and city apartments, a 10-20 gallon tank is a good start. Keep in mind that a larger volume of water provides a more stable environment for the fish and other animals. Plants would also have more room to grow.

There are two factors to consider when determining the size of a tank: space and budget.

Ideally, a tank should be placed away from direct sunlight and close to an electric outlet. Choose a place where it can be viewed and enjoyed from various angles, then estimate the dimensions of the available space since fish tanks come in all shapes and sizes. Consider the empty space on top of the bookcase, the bare wall across from the couch, or the void next to the TV.

There is a wide variety of tanks available at local pet stores and online stores like Some of these tank come with light strips, filters and hoods. A 6 gallon acrylic tank typically costs about $60, while a 12 gallon tank costs up to $100. Visit online communities like or bargain places like Chinatown for new and used tank. Other expenses include heaters, chemicals, decorations and maintenance tools, all of which contribute to the success of a tank. Next...

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