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Recommended Brands for Freshwater Tank

There are many types of tank available online and in pet stores. We recommend Eclipse System and Nano Cube, both of which come with efficient 3-stage filtration system and can easily be found in stores.

Eclipse System 12 by MarineLand is 12 gallon acrylic tank with rounded corners and gently curved front panel. Its seamless panels provide a 360 degrees of panoramic viewing area. The tank has an integrated 3-stage filtration and lighting system, most of which are packed inside the hood on the top with the exception of its water pump. It comes with a 15-watt fluorescent bulb for natural daylight illumination. The hinged opening makes feeding easy, but the entire hood has to be removed when it is time for cleaning or pruning. In addition, the Eclipse System comes in 5 gallon, 6 gallon and 20 gallon. The Eclipse 12 has a measurement of 21"L x 11"W x 18"H.

12g Nano Cube by JBJ is a 12 gallon glass tank made to look like an acrylic tank with its rounded corners and curved front panel. It offers 3 sides of viewing and a built-in black background. The 3-stage filtration system is hidden in the rear, providing a maximum space for tank inhabitants. The tank comes with a 24-watt, 50/50 compact fluorescent lamp for excellent lighting. The Nano Cube Deluxe even has 2 lamps. The excess heat generated might cause the water temperature to rise, but it is compensated with 2 built-in cooling fans on the canopy. Hinged opening makes feeding easy. A dimension of 15.8L x 13.8W x 14.8H gives it a greater depth for planting purposes. Besides 12g Nano Cube Original and 12g Nano Cube Deluxe, JBJ offers 6 gallon and 24 gallon tanks.

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