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Finding the Perfect Piece of Wood & Rock

Often times we gasp at the beautiful pictures of Amano’s planted tanks and wish we could build something alike. While it is not easy to find the most perfect specimen of driftwood or rock, having an idea of what it might be would help.

Driftwoods and rocks can add height to the “landscape” within the tank. They not only create more surface area to which plants can be attached, but also add more excitement to the otherwise empty space. The key to a successful aquarium is having driftwoods and rocks that compliment the tank.

There are a number of ways to finding driftwoods and rocks in nature. Besides searching for them during fishing or hiking trip, an alternative is buying it online at places like eBay. Usually sellers are more than happy to provide detailed information and close-up pictures upon request.

1. Start by studying the works of others and choose one to follow.

2. Identify the shape of the driftwood, be it a tree branch, tree roots or multiple pieces of wood held together.

3. With the dimensions of your tank in mind, browse through the driftwood and rock collections at stores and sort out a few matching your criteria.

4. Prepare simple sketches showing their placement in the tank and select those that best fit your tank.

With a little patience and imagination, it is possible to create a beautiful planted tank you can be proud of.

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