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Unusually Cool Plants

Besides those that are readily available in stores, there are a lot more plants that can add to the beauty of a tank. Some of our favorites are Bolbitus and Umbrella Plant or Pennywort. They are often available for trade online or in local area.

African Bolbitus (Bolbitis heudelotii). This fern is non-demanding and grows fast under favorable conditions. It requires medium light and can be tied to rocks and wood much like Java Fern. It does best in the path of water current and responds well to CO2 injection. With its transparent, seaweed-like texture, the swaying leaves can greatly enhance the look of bare driftwood and rocks.

Whorled Umbrella Plant (Hydrocotyle verticillata). They may look fragile, but the little umbrellas of this plant are tough and resilient. Often sold in ponds & gardens shops, this amphibious plant can grow in or out of water. Unlike other Hydrocotyle species, it spreads horizontally instead of trying to reach to the surface. The creeping stem runs along the substrates, sending roots under the gravel. Individual stems of less than 6”tall rises from the creeping stem, holding the signature leaves at the top. These round leaves are centrally mounted on the vertical stems like umbrellas, adding height and creating a sense of serenity to the tank.

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