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Hardy Plants That Fish Won’t Eat

Almost any fish store you walk into, you will find Anubias, Java Fern and Java Moss. These plants require low light and can tolerate a wide range of temperature and water conditions. However, they do best when attached to rock or driftwood with a plastic tier until the root has attached itself to the surface. Best of all, most of fish prefer not to nibble on their tough leaves. Though they are virtually indestructible and maintenance-free, algae can grow on these plants and affect their look or health. One way to solve the problem is by having an algae-eating fish in the tank, such as an otochinclus or the legendary SAEs (Siamese algae eaters).

Anubias. This slow-growing plant comes in many varieties and sizes. Common ones are Nana, Petite Nana and Coffeefolia. Their thick leaves are usually dark-green in color, sometimes with shades of red and brown. They are built like a tank, but tend to be more expensive than other plants.

Java Fern (Microsorium pteropus). The thick rhizome of this fern creeps along the surface, sending out roots to anchor itself. The plant fits perfectly between the cracks of driftwood or rocks with its bright green leaves, creating a natural wabi sabi look. Lace Java Fern is variety with fancy splits at the tips.

Java Moss (Vesicularia dubyana). Other mosses maybe tagged as Java Moss, but not all will survive when grown underwater. It is a creeping plant that grows in branching strands and tangles with other plants. Besides wrapping around rocks and driftwood, it is often used as ground cover or moss wall in the background. The thinner it is spread over the surface, the prettier and healthier it will be. Healthy specimen is dark green in color, never in brown. Regular pruning is required to keep it from invading the space of other plants. It can also serve as a safe-zone to small egg-laying fishes and their eggs. Christmas Moss is variety that has a brighter green color and may require more light. Next...

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